March 21, 2014

Work in progress

A raw, blurry preview of my silver rings. My first collection is almost ready. 
Stay tuned

March 18, 2014

Collage lover

I am utterly obsessed with collages and their fantasy worlds. I recently was introduced to QTA3 this fantastic artist from Tokyo, through instagram .

February 23, 2014

Viva Moschino

Jeremy Scott has taken over Moschino and taken it to the next level.  Bold and humorous, a fun criticism to pop culture, the essence of the late Franco Moschino brought to 2014. I am dancing in my seat.
'A celebration of the overstatement' Tim Blanks

February 14, 2014



My last trip to Pakistan, this past winter, was such a family trip that I don't have that much  to share this time except this very short, jazzy, nostalgic video and couple of pics of my drive through the villages on my way to Bhalwal and my stay there. Going to Bhalwal is always a must when I travel to Pakistan, strolls through the bamboo fields, fresh air, fresh picked fruits and honey and gorgeous family feasts.

February 12, 2014

Coming Soon

My own jewellery and accessory line is in the making. Here is a screen shot of last nights inspiration.

Stay tuned for more, it is almost ready !

February 6, 2014

Pakistani Layers

wearing: H&M sweater, denim shirt by me, American Apparel  golden Disco pants, Charles and Keith shoes and Alia Bilgrami polkadot pashmina

There is something fascinating and fun about the way you can layer Pakistani dressing, you can create so many textures and lengths as you can see in this outfit. I, am actually playing it safe here, the amount of print that they are capable of mixing here is astonishing and surprisingly matchy. 

February 1, 2014

The Datai Paradise

"Deep rainforest and ocean wrap their charm around,
This Perfect hideaway beholding beauties profound:
An ancient library of natural sensations and sight, 
From the breath of morning to the spirit of night. 
Comforting and refreshing, blessed with eternal design, 
The private bay's seclusion and dark forest divine,
Now hold luxuries carved within nature's creation, 
To offer you the gift of inspired relaxation."

January 29, 2014


Having again only two days in such a big city, we decided to immerse ourselves into China Town and its surroundings spending hours at the paradise of handicrafts: Central Market, attending to an indian ceremony at the Sri Mahamariamman Temple, hoping into Chinese tea houses and book stores and trying street food.