November 2, 2009

A weekend decorated by Cosimo..

Thursday night at the AWSM party Cosimo Damato decorated our heads with his latest creations. I am totally blown away by them and since he has been so passionate about it he has been crafting them like mad, so I had the opportunity to wear one on Thursday and then another one for fiday night.

I feel like the queen of hearts with a palace of cards on my head! I am his Anna Piaggi and he is my Stephen Jones! :)

I wore his spoon sensation for Friday night party! Hope there are more to come.

phots thanks to : valentina from AWSM , Andrea Caroli and Deniz


  1. awesome hats!

    ps. no, i didn't come up with that particular one. but there are some that i do write, the simpler ones :p

  2. Reallyyy cool hats!!! I have that same white shirt from the 10th picture ahaha

    :) really cool blog!